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Eligibility Requirements

This program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students from CSE Department, UTA. Students from other departments and universities are welcome to apply. Please contact Dr. Fillia Makedon (, 817.272.3605, CSE) for more information.


Students pay in-state tuition and fees directly to UTA, plus airfare, program fees, housing, etc. Total cost of the program is roughly $6,200.
For more information, contact Prof. Fillia Makedon (, 817.272.3627 or 817.272.3605) or Rong Zhang (

Scholarship Opportunity

  • CSE scholarship: CSE provides $500 for 10 qualified undergraduate students.
  • Gilman International Scholarship.
  • Other scholarships are available through the UTA Study Abroad Office.

Apply Online

Please click here to apply online.

Any student coming from outside the UT System will need to apply as a transient student to UTA as well as complete the UTA study abroad application (use the link above). Here is the step-by-step process as well as the online application to come to UTA as a transient student: If you are coming through a UT System school they should visit their home study abroad office first, complete their requirements and then complete the UTA study abroad application.

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