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The program begun in Athens where students were exposed to state of the art European research projects at the National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos" . While in Athens, students had the opportunity to visit local museums and cultural sites. Students then travelled to the island of Samos for the remainder of the program. While in Samos, students had the opportunity to interact with scientists at the International Archipelagos Marine Institute of Conservation . Students collaborated with other students (from Leeds, Essex Cardiff, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Tulane, etc.) on marine and terrestrial conservation projects.

May 15 - 21 On campus (UTA) instruction and orientation
May 26 Depart from DFW
May 28 - 30 Instruction in Demokritos, Athens
June 01 - 29 Instruction in Archipelago, Samos Island
June 30 Return to DFW
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