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May 15 - May 21, UTA, USA

  • Orientation week


May 28 - May 30, Demokritos, Athens, Greece

May 28

  • Opening (10:00-10:15)
    C.D. Spyropoulos (NCSR Demokritos)
  • Orientation and preparation (10:15-11:00)
    I. Vetsikas, A. Krithara & K. Stamatakis (NCSR Demokritos)
    General introduction, orientation, and installation of necessary tools. (lecture and lab)
  • Introduction to Machine Learning (ML) and Data Mining (DM) (11:15-13:00)
    A. Krithara (NCSR Demokritos)
    Elementary concepts of ML and DM, training and testing, data spanrsity and cross-validation. Designing and executing ML/DM experiments, developing simple scripts to prepare datasets. Introduction to relevant tools, based on Weka. (lecture and lab)
  • Light lunch (13:00-14:00)
  • Visit to Microelectronics Lab (14:00-15:00)
    [In brief: Students will visit the CMOS cleanroom facility sited at the IMEL/NCSR "D" which is unique for Greece (National Facility). The basic microelectronics manufacturing processes will be described, they will be guided inside the cleanroom and see the dedicated equipment used to fabricate Si ICs and MEMS. They have also the opportunity to visit the new e-beam lithography equipment installed recently in the cleanroom allowing for the fabrication of nanostructures down to 8nm which is unique for Southestern Europe.]

May 29

  • Introduction to statistics and vizualization (10:00-11:50)
    A. Krithara (NCSR Demokritos)
    Extracting the elementary statistical properties of and applying statistical tests to research findings. Testing the statistical significance of observations and trends.
    Vizualizing and presenting your research findings: generating plots, graphs, charts, and other vizualization. Introduction to relevant tools. (lecture and lab)
  • Reporting and presenting research findings: (12:10-13:00)
    I. Vetsikas (NCSR Demokritos)
    Introduction to scientific reporting and presentation: choosing the right level of abstraction, focusing on what is interesting for the audience. Overview of tools and skils needed to prepare reports and presentations. (lecture)
  • Light lunch (13:00-14:00)
  • Visit to Anechoic Chamber (14:00-15:00)
    [In brief: Students will visit the Anechoic Chamber for antenna characterization measurements, interaction between human body and antenna, design and development of wearable antennas and channel modeling for on-body communications.]

May 30

  • Relational and geographical database design (10:00-11:50)
    P. Karampiperis & S. Konstantopoulos (NCSR Demokritos)
    Setting up, populating, and querying relational database management systems and GIS extensions. Developing simple scripts for automating common tasks. (lecture and lab)
  • Academic writing (12:10-13:00)
    I. Vetsikas (NCSR Demokritos)
    How to structure a research paper. Draft paper for publication and prepare presentation and project documentation. (lecture)
  • Light lunch (13:00-14:00)
  • Visit to Biology Lab (14:00-15:00)
    [In brief: Students will visit the labs of the Institute of Biosciences and Applications. For more info, please read this document (pdf).]


June 01 - June 29, Archipelagos, Samos Island, Greece

  • Practice (a more detailed program to be announced)
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